Why is it important to take baking classes in person?

Not so long ago I was in your shoes. I wanted to learn a new cake decorating technique, and I did what many of us do when we want to learn something new: I went online.

The truth is, there's a lot of great information on the internet. There are even some pretty good tutorials for learning new things about cake decorating, but the fact is that we face a problem when you're looking at words or pictures on a screen. It's hard to get that instant feedback that tells you yes, you're doing it right or no, this isn't quite working yet.

The right people to help you

When you take a class, you don't have to be alone. You can ask for help and advice from the instructor and your fellow students. You can also get feedback on your work and troubleshooting when things don't turn out as expected.

If you're feeling lost or frustrated, there are plenty of ways to seek guidance from others in the class, including asking questions during breaks or lunchtime conversations or during one-on-one time with a teacher before or after class ends.

Understand the technique and theory behind it

It’s important to understand the theory behind the technique, and how it works. For example, if you’re learning a new method for making buttercream frosting that involves using corn syrup instead of powdered sugar as an ingredient, then you need to know why this change will make your frosting more stable and creamy. You also need to know the techniques involved in getting the right consistency for your buttercream before you start using it in cake decorating.

Talking about theory might not sound fun at first but once we get into it, I promise it will be!

Get instant feedback and troubleshooting

The instructor will be able to give you live feedback on your cake and answer any questions that you have. They will also be able to help troubleshoot any issues that come up during class. This is an invaluable resource because it can save you time, money and frustration down the line when working with a new technique.

If there are other students in the class, they may have already done this technique before so they may be able to offer advice as well!

You want to learn a new cake decorating technique

You want to learn a new cake decorating technique from a professional!

For instance, you may have seen someone on Instagram or Pinterest who is doing something you've always wanted to try. They have mastered a "new" technique that looks amazing and now you want to learn it too. In this case, taking an in-person class is the best way for you to get started on your journey of learning this new skill.

We hope this has been helpful to you in your cake-decorating journey. We always love hearing from new and returning students, and we’re glad that you chose us for your education!, Check our Classes calendar or visit our Classes page, there you can find a variety of classes and course including the Entrepreneur Workshop where the students learn a great techniques to start they own part-time or full-time cake business.