Premium Deluxe Course

Course Details

• Course Length: 30-35 hours (10 Days)
• Class Schedule: Mondays & Tuesdays 10:00AM – 1:00PM OR Saturdays 10:30AM – 1:30PM
• Price: $750.00
Premium Deluxe Course (English class)

Course Description:

This cake decorating course provides a comprehensive education in the world of decorating with sugar; developing it in a practical and professional way. You will learn all techniques, procedures and tips from our specialized instructors who teach the students step by step to make large scale cakes and exquisite decorations successfully. Then, students get to show what they have learned in order to move to higher levels and learn more advanced techniques. This course has been developed and tested successfully for over 6 years. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to enjoy this delicious art and learn cake decorating in a short period of time.

What you will learn:

  • Recipes and how to bake delicious and even cakes with different techniques
  • Making and application of syrup
  • Marbling technique
  • How to make Delicious and commercial fillings
  • The student will get proportion tables depending on the size of the molds and portion relationship tables. Each student will bring home a cake or biscuit 8″x 3″.
  • Recipe and preparation of buttercreme, application of color and different application techniques for decoration and/or wrapped fondant.
  • Knowledge of different types of nozzles for edges, shells, flowers, lace, zigzag, etc.
  • Learn how to control the pressure in the sleeve to gain confidence in the application of decorative techniques and secrets
  • Recipe and introduction to work fondant and covered techniques for covering real or fake cakes, square and round with rolled fondant, and cake leveling technique to achieve a perfect finish
  • Combination method of fondant, gumpaste and royal icing to color fondant. Using different tools, cutting, rollers, silicones, markers, etc, to elaborate decorative techniques such as bows, textures, draping, lace, ruffles, and more.
  • Instructions to make the fabric rose in fondant. 
  • Technique of making edible and decorative metallic,pearl, and satin finishes, different animal prints and the Channel technique for cakes. 
  • Learn the benefits of real glaze, from elementary glaze to glue ornaments made with fondant, filled surfaces, edges, contours, shapes and various decorative details, even advanced as coarse and fine embroidery.
  • Composition and idea, the design concept of proportion, and building procedure for tiered cakes including technical installation and correct assembly. 
  • Budget notions for cakes to give to clients.

Students conduct their own project making a real three-tiered cake, using decorative elements and techniques with classic or contemporary styles, learned through this course in order to obtain the certificate of Cake Art.

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