Workshop Details

• Course Length: 93 hours
• Class Schedule: TBA
• Price: $2,650.00 per person in a group of six students (includes the tools needed for each module, necessary PME fondant, dummies and cake ingredients).
PME Professional Certification (English Class)

Course Description:

Since 2013, Cake Art has been offering International Certification Master Cake Designer PME workshops, an internationally recognized English method.

This intensive course consists of three (3) modules of 28 hours each, and one module of 6-7 hours long, which once completed successfully, the students will be rewarded with a total of Five certificates, one of Cake Art, three PME certificates (one for each module), and a Master Cake Designer Certificate issued and signed by the directors and teachers from the PME School of Cake-Decorating of England.

This class is ideal for students who live outside the United States and / or local students who want to optimize their technique and be internationally certified.

Course Modules:

  • Module I – Sugarpaste Diploma – 28 hours
    • Basic techniques of how to cover with fondant, real and fake cakes (dummies), crimping and embossing.
    • Fabric effects, curtains and drapes texture, tapes, two different designs of ties, embroidered in fondant, ruffles.
    • Animal designs combined with mass modeling techniques, in which the base and design will let you mold into other forms.
    • Textures and applications, color techniques and ombre.
    • Metallic painting, and application of diamonds.
    • Design, construction and management of tiered cakes.
    • Basic guidelines for conducting your business.
    • Copyright (copyright) and license.
  • Module II – Sugar Flowers Diploma – 28 hours
    • Basic techniques.
    • Flowers with and without wire.
    • Fake flowers: roses, orchids, lilies, cherry blossom, daisy, chrysanthemums, freesias, dahlia, rose garden, blackberries.
    • Seasonal flowers. Coloring and application of shadows.
    • Alternatives to fondant flowers.
    • Drying technique and organization of bouquets.
    • Flower decoration technique in pastels.
    • Supports, processing costs and customer prices.
    • Elaboration of flower basket, final project.
  • Module III – Royal Icing Diploma – 28 hours
    • Basic recipes and techniques for different glaze textures
    • Processing and handling cartridges. Technique color.
    • Coating technique and glaze decorated edges.
    • Elaboration of exquisite decorations including beads, flowers, polka dots, edges, embroidered tears, etc.
    • Transfer techniques, basic piping and embroidery
    • Wire and mesh decorative technique (string work) made real glaze.
    • Application of different glaze techniques in dummies.
  • Module IV – Cake Baking Techniques – 6 -7 hours
    • Recipe and preparation of cake, leveling technique, tips to make changes in flavor and marbling technique.
    • Recipe for syrup elaboration and application on the cake.
    • Elaboration of fillings done in class.
    • Guides and fondant mass proportions tables according to the mold portions.
    • Guide and technique of construction, and perfect assembly of floors.
    • Lined trays.
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